A Comprehensive 12-Week Powerbuilding Program
I've never been the biggest guy in the gym and quite frankly it has never been my goal. Sure building more muscle is a lot of fun but it's not my only goal. I also like to try and get stronger. There is something so insanely satisfying about being able to progressive lift more weight over time. Overcoming weights you never thought possible, digging deep into yourself and pulling out a victory.

That is not to say building muscle isn't a goal of mine. It is. But building muscle at the expense of getting stronger is not what I want. I want to build more muscle while lifting more weight. The perfect combination, right?

I know I'll never be a world champion but it doesn't mean I don't like to push myself in the gym. Week after week I like to see the weights go up that I use as I get a little more aesthetic. This has been my goal and always will be my goal.
There is one problem however.

Most programs don't address this goal of getting stronger & building more muscle. I mean, sure they try. These are often labelled powerbuilding programs. But these programs are basically glorified powerlifting programs with a little extra volume. How is doing a few sets of curl after bench going to dramatically change your physique?

It won't.

What you need is the periodization of a powerlifting program with a lot of the training principles of a bodybuilding program. You see, my coaches have done something different. On some days you will train like a powerlifter and other days you will train like a bodybuilder. Tackling two goals in the same phase of training but on different days.

To get stronger, you need to be intelligent with your lifting. Hence the rock solid periodization. For bodybuilding, you need the right frequency, volume, exercise selection and diversity of training to consistently push your muscles to grow.
And if you combine both?

You get a TRUE powerbuilding program.

My program is designed to maximize strength AND hypertrophy. All of us share the exact same goal of not only lifting heavy shit but also looking badass while doing it. We'll guide you through this whole confusing process, making it as easy as possible. From the simple stuff like what to eat, how to figure out your macros to the really big details like a comprehensive overview of how you should train, technique hacks and programming explain to really shed light on how to take control of your lifting journey.

This program is designed to work with everyone. None of us have amazing genetics. We've managed to decipher the simple principles of getting stronger and bigger. If you are tired of not seeing the results you deserve, get my powerbuilding Program. You won't be disappointed.

Maxx, Omar, Silent Mike, & Bart
What's Included?
  • Full 12 Week Periodized Training Program to help you keep your aesthetics in line while you get strong.
  •  Macro Tracker to keep you from bulking out of control and controlling your nutrient partitioning.
  •  Exercise Video Library of every exercise in the program.
  •  Squat/ Bench/ Deadlift  video guides.
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